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List of games

Descriptions were taken from the official developers sites, or the audiogames.net portal
You known other multiplayer audio games? Send titles, download link and describtion to me in audiogames.net or dash@nvps.pl mail.
Redspot is probably now one of the best multi player audio friendly first person shooter games available! It includes over 25 items of destruction, and that grows all the time! It is completely accessable and there will probably always be someone to kill! For more info, you can download and view the included documentation. For those of you who like blood, how many red spots of blood can you splatter on the ground... How many deaths can you cause!
Survive the Wild
Survive the wild is a multiplayer game whare you survive in the wild, quite litterily You have to eat, drink, fight, start fires, and live, all in the wild! Learn more or download by clicking on the above link!
The return of the king
The Return Of The King is a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, MMORPG in short.
You can select from 4 classes: warrior, mage, summoner, and ranger.
Next 4 classes are unlocked after reaching level 50, also when you reach this level you will unlock the whole new continent!
Thanks to Nuno69 for describtion.
Humans vs robots
On the earth was a war, with robots was rebelling, all humans on the earth was killed, accept some that was still alive. You play as one of the soldiers that survived
You can kill hundreds of thousands of robots, but you should be carefull... Robots are waiting!
The killer
. 3D maps
. online play
. Online AI
. and more!
No describtion awailable.
Sound rts
Describtion available in This page
Crazy party
Crazy Party is not one, but two games! On one side, there are many mini-games to discover and unlock in order to compete online; and on the other, there is a battle game with cards to win by facing the gyms in order to beat all your friends in the online mode.
Top speed3
Playing in the Dark and Ruby AccessWare are proud to present Top Speed version 3.0 - the final release of the popular, accessible freeware racing game that uses only audio and an optional force-feedback joystick to communicate with the player. As with the prior version of Top Speed, this new version includes a multi-player mode, up to seven computer opponents to race against, and the ability to create your own tracks and vehicles. However.
Undead assauld!
Undead Assault is a first person Shooter (fps) audiogame, inspired off of the popular Zombies mode, feature in Call of Duty World at War and the Black Ops series. Take on ever increasing hordes of the undead either alone, or as a team. Earn points and occasional bonus items like powerups, max ammo, double points and more!
Rs games
Rs games is a playroom.
QuentinC's playroom
The Playroom is a free online gaming platform, especially made to be accessible to visually impaired people.
Magic blocks
Magic blocks is a puzzle/arcade game.
The goal of the game is simple : blocks are falling from the top of the screen, and you have to arrange them as good and as quick as you can before running out of place in the game grid. Three blocks sounding the same one just next to another in whatever direction explode, making the blocks which are just above  falling. In multiplayer mode, you can win bonus and throw them on yourself or against your opponents.
You must have java runtime environment 1.6 to play. Allthough this in made in java, it works only in windows because of SAPI DLL.
Blind Adrenalin card room
Blind Adrenalin's on line Card room is a great way to spend time, whether your a serious card junky up for some mega competition, or just someone who likes the odd hand of cards to pass some minutes. The road to rage
The Road to Rage brings a new experience to audio games, the famous first person deathmatch! Play online on the dedicated server and enter a variety of audio environments where there is only one objective, gunning down your opponents in as short a time as possible, while avoiding being slane yourself.
Palace Punch-up
As the name suggests, the objective of the game is to break your opponent's magnificent palace down into a pile of junk in as short a time as is humanly possible while, of course, preventing the same terrible fate from befalling you. You do this by happily chucking huge rocks at the other person's outer wall, while at the same time using a hammer to try to beat away your opponent's rocks that are piercing your own wall. This is an arcade game with a fairly traditional design, with fast action and the need for quick reflexes in order to survive.
Galaxy Ranger
As a galaxy Ranger, it is your duty to defend the planets of your galaxy from aggressive enemy civilizations who wish to land on and conquer them. To aide you in your defence you have a factory where, ---- once you have the correct amount of minerals, you can develope robotic weapons for both defence and attack. unfortunately, the enemy forces also have exactly the same resources at their disposal, so now the fait of the planets comes down to a sternstrategical contest of who can most quickly and efficiently build and use their batle robots.
Lords Of The Galaxy
Lords of the Galaxy is what might happen if you took the wellknown game of monopoly, sped forward in time a few hundred years, and upped the lethality level with laser guns, killer robots, monsters and meteorites.
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