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Big page updates

28 October 2018 21:25
Greetings after 4 months.
In the near future you can expect new apps versions.
I currently have the motivation to programming.
In the last 4 months i only worked at new wersion of PLS generator rewrited to HSP.
I shared first beta version on Twitter on 16.10.2018.
Today, i sharing it on this page.
In this day I came with updated page.
If you want you can check the Changes
Why i posted link? Because it's over 1000 characters.

I'm back again with new thinks!

04 July 2018 17:27
Hi all!
I'm back to working on programs! :)
What's new?
Added information of my back.
Added servers list's link to the menu.
Added new aps versions and new script for Linux.
Updated contact page added support E-mail.
Soon i wil add page contains my other web's in the internet.
I wish you good day!

Started working on downloader with Youtube DL

06 March 2018 05:37
I started working on media downloader using youtube-dl called M downloader.
It's not wery good application because i'm week programmer.
I maded first experimental version saving only defauld media type for example mp4 to videos uploaded in mp4.
It's my reply to SSL C600 error.
My downloader adding prefix --no-check-certificate.
You can add this prefix to other downloaders for example pontes media downloader if you can't download videos from youtube.
If you want' you can check first testing version.
You can join to the beta testers. Please send request to dash@nvps.pl.
Program existing in apps category.

Program's updates

8 February 2018 18:35
Hi all.
It's first post in new year 2018.
Sorry for long time with no updates and my absence.
I have various private problems and in the last 2 months I did not think much about programming.
I with friends published 2 updates on 24 december 2017. New version of PLS generator and Polish program Free chat.
On 3 January 2018 i published bug fixes version of Free chatting and after this action i finally stopped publishing new versions of apps or new apps.
My sound library not working, i will respawn it in next time, sorry for inconvenience.
I'm back to mading that 3 days ago with Nuno.
He's show a HSP language to me.
Programs wroted in this language is accessibility to blind and sighted peoples.
I rewrited Speaker test to this language and wil publish version 2.0.

Page and programs updates!

15 November 2017 06.46
Hi all!
I maded few changes!
Firstly, i changed headers to easy exploring. 1 is main menu, 2 is other menus and 3 is products, informations etc.
i added 2 new programs to the list.
Pasted link to Polish website contains programs wroted in Polish language.
Several people were sad that they no longer have my index of sc and asking me to create that.
In this day, my SC index has back after 8 months! You can using codes, to learn programming! Pasted only easy codes.
Corrected dates informations.

Slightly update

03 Nowember 2017 07:37
Hi all!
I slightly redesigned page!
I changed list of applications and other proiects.
Applications and other products has sorted by last update date.
I changed wronk month name in info pasted on 26.10.2017.
Normalised dates.

Page has back!

26 October 2017 18:58
Hi everyone!
In this night page has officially back!
All peoples can wisiting and downloading my apps!

New version of Mini stages!

17 September 2017 11.05
I have good information!
I maded new version of Mini stages.
I started making this product in 2015 with team called Mp Games.
In this day, i released new version of that. I corrected english grammar and maded other things.
You can download this stage in "Other programs" section.

New program!

15 September 2017 21:20
Hi all!
I released new application called speaker test!
It's very easy to use.
More info on programs page.

New version of Trap maker and Social medias has been released!

24 August 2017 21:15
Hello all!
I'm back and i presents new versions of my applications!
New socials in the social medias app and changes in readme in Trap maker.

I'm officially back to programming!

17 August 2017 16:53
Hello world! Welcome back! I'm started working on all proiects. Please wait to new apps, games and other stuff.

New category on my page!

15 June 2017 05:00
Hi all!
In this day, i recorded my first english podcast!
I uploaded it to the new category, i occassionally recording a podcasts in Polish language, it's first podcast in English. I will recording new podcastt in English and uploading to this category.
In this month i will create a newsletter. In my newsletter i will posting informations of updates on the page.

New version of Trap maker!

29 May 2017 07:02
Hello all!
New version of Trap maker has be en released.
Added readme in Romanian language, you can see readme in english pressing f1.
Newest version is 1.4.
Where is 1.3? 1.3 is a not published to all beta version. My all testers no reporting bugs in this and i released 1.4.
Have fun!

New update after a long time!

10 May 2017 19:07
Hi all visitors!
I updated a names of links for example infoen to infos.
I removed not working or unsupported options.
I finally reper all bugs in the page!
I creating my first game in bgt called The walking game. It is in unpublic beta versions. Newest version is 0.3Unpublic beta.
Please vait to public versions of this game :).

New version of Trap maker!

22 march 2017 12:59
It's true, i released a new version of this program!
Program havent updates in a long time, and i create new version of this in this day! It is in a public beta.

New big update!

19 March 2017 13:01
Hello all wisitors!
I added a link to my twitter, contact page and? Wery good big multi players audio games list!
You known other audio games? Please send e-mail to me!
More informations on page.
Have fun witch new category!

Page has back!

18 March 2017 03:33
Hello all visitors!
Sorry for not available page in yesterdays.
Page get up in 15 PM, after of this hour you can downloading files and can't look ad categories etc.
I fixed this problem and page officially back!
Have fun!
I repering a users relation witch me! You can get my small gifts pack! To get it, please contact witch me on E-Mail or Skype dashnvps.]

Big update!

13 March 2017 05:07
Hello all!
I updated page!
I added a old program in a programs category and new or old products in other category.
I removed a link to source codes index.


10 March 2017 11:05
Hello everyone!
I addd a new application and two categories in to the page.
You can using a sounds to making games, applications, recordings etc. Please add information of author. Dash http://tdprograms.tk.
Have fun witch new products!

The charm stage has released!

04 march 2017 09:47
I using a charm program of Dragon apps and created this stage to adventure ad c using sounds of soundpack this program.
Have fun and vait to new versions!
Stage has located on the other products page.

Edited page!

03 March 2017 20:27.
I updated page, added lists and remove not vorking options back to language page.

New version of social medias!

28 feb 2017 22:07
I added a new community, any audio and finally translate application to english language.

Official page start, the page is complete!

23 Feb 2017 14:57
Velcome in the dash programs, my new official page!
I succesfully complete this page in this moment!
You can looking to my all products in English language.
In friday i starting working on polish page.
Have fun!


23 Feb 2017 06:41:
I get new domain and wrote this small page to publishing my new programs.
You can downloading and using my apps!
Thank you to visit
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