For few peoples this information can be sad.
On 04.04.2018 i stopped mading this page and my programs.
Sorry, i dont have motivation to continuing that, i dont have experience to creating advanced programs, games and more.
In the last 3 years of my programming i had unpleasant situations with that.
Peoples not believe in me.
Only two persons believe in me and motivatying me.
Why i'm programmed? I'm programmed because i like that, i like doing somesing good and helpfully to users. My dream is made usefull, help application for peoples and it never came true.
Sorry for my stop., and see you later.
I can back. If you believe in me, you can wait to that.
If you want, you can go to my page, downloading and using my programs using this link.
I hosting few servers and will share it to all.
If you want see what public servers i hosting, you can wisit my
Server's list.

See you later, friends.
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